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:: Vineyards in Languedoc Roussillon. Do you know the tax advantage of a wine property?

 Tax reduction is sometimes a determining factor in the acquirement of a wine domain.

First if Wine property is a professional good, it does not count in wealth tax. That for winemaker activity on the property must be a usual and constant activity.
If the domain counts in wealth tax, its tax basis is only 25% of the domain value until 76.000 € and 50% beyond this value, if the vineyard is rent under a long term lease. In that case it is necessary to create a business structure (EARL or SCEA) that rents its vineyard to an owner structure (such as GFA).
When vineyard is part of a GFA, it can also be partly exempt from succession tax under particular conditions.
The income from vineyard can be treated as farm benefits.
Wine is one of the farm product whose marketing counts a lot and profitability can be very good. Its depends on winegrower’s capacity to produce a characteristic wine and to sale it.

Domaine de Gineste.
Wine-growing property of 12 hectares of vineyard in one holding, located on the left side of Tarn river, in Gaillac D.O..
This small domain has a ruin in its center that will be converted in a cellar and so allow the purchaser to make his own wine.

Saint Emilion Grand Cru D.O., this charming property, with its one olding vineyard planted on clayey-limestone soils, is known for the quality of its wines. The new owner saw in this domain a rare opportunity.

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